Greg Green’s earliest snowball memories take him back home to Mississippi, where he said there was a stand serving the icy treat on every corner.


“I always relate snowballs to being with family and friends when we were out and about,” Green says. “You know it’s summertime when you have a snowball. They say most businesses start of necessity. It was a necessity for me to have a snowball.”


In 2014, when Green’s wife, Mimi, a member of the U.S. Air Force, returned from a six-month deployment in Afghanistan, she found a discounted truck and trailer in Pittsburgh, and the couple started launched IceGreen Snowballs. 

Today, the Greens serve 10 flavors—including Island Breeze, Mississippi Margarita, and Wedding Cake—at farmers' markets and community events throughout the region.


The couple's sons, Darius and Jeremiah, often work with their father during the week. The family uses Sundays for a “lessons learned” meeting to discuss accomplishments and improvements.

The Greens agree that the business has never been about making money but rather spending time with each other.

“It truly has unified our family," Greg says.

Taken in part from a story in Southern Maryland News.

a little boy eating shave ice

Simply the best piece of frozen happiness!

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